Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vehicle: Vegas G20 - 4x4

The Norwegian Police don't use this type of vehicle, but it looks cool none the less.

The sedan is the most used body style for both uniformed and unmarked police vehicles in Norway. While they use station wagon version most, there are also the standard sedan body style. The most common ones the last years have been various specially modified VW Passat, Audi, Mercedes and BMW models. They've also started to mount cameras in their vehicles, focusing on unmarked vehicles to catch speeders.

Vehicle: Beredskapstroppen Delta: Norwegian Anti-Terror Unit

Created in 1975, and put into active duty in 1976, Delta is the most skilled and best trained law enforcement in Norway. Beredskapstroppen is called in to high risk arrests, hunting after fugitives and other special missions.

Beredskapstroppen are trained in a variety of specialized areas. Whether it is as police tactics, counterterrorism, shooting, emergency medicine, escort and driver training.
While their existence is often obfuscated, they have received more publicity the later years, especially after the NOKAS robbery and their assault on Utøya 22nd of July.
Delta is stationed in Oslo, and travels to other districts to assist the local police when required. Delta is often used to combat criminal gangs to seize weapons and drugs. While they are armed with a wide range of weapons, they very rarely use them in action.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vehicle: Norwegian Police K9 Unit

Although there is no dogs in APB, our own dog handler wanted a K9 unit, and here is our version.
Norwegian Police K9 units now use the Mercedes-Benz GLK as their new vehicle.

Vehicle: New Norwegian Police Design

In the past 24 years, the uniformed police cars have been the same: White with red and blue markings.

The problem with the old colors are that the
decals hardly have been visible in the dark.

The new Police style will increase the vehicle's visibility in traffic.
The new uniform will keep the white as background color. Black is also built in as a portion of the
decals. But most attention will however be the fluorescent effect in the yellow. With large areas, these contribute to increased visibility both in daylight and at night.

The old uniforms are being phased out continuously as older vehicles are replaced by new vehicles

Monday, June 11, 2012

Uniform: Norwegian Retro Police Male

This is an old police uniform used in the 1930s and 1940s. The police was a localized force in the cities, and the sheriff patrolled the districts/countryside. The first nationwide state police was created in 1932, it was created to assist local police and sheriff forces when needed. In 1937 the state police was again reorganized to a new role as Utrykningspolitiet (which today is a specialized police force for road and traffic safety).

The police force and the sheriffs were two different agencies until 1994, when they were joined as the Police and Sheriff's Agency.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Uniform: Nokas Male

Nokas is a leading Scandinavian security group with employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The group was founded in 1987, and has been in a continuous growth by buying up over 50 smaller companies since then. The group has about 4000 employees.

This is the new Nokas uniform design that the company started to use in late 2011.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vehicle: ColorLine SuperSpeed

Color Line was founded in October 1990 and is now Norway's largest and one of Europe's leading cruise and transport shipping companies.
Their 6 ships transport more than 4 million passengers, almost 1 million vehicles and more than 170.000 semitrailers every year between Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Here's a video of the design progress:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vehicle: Norwegian Police Original/Retro Design

The original design on the Norwegian Police vehicles. This was used up until 1st December 1986, when the red/white/blue design with the royal lion was chosen. It is still a very popular design with young and old, and is used for the children's show "Pelle Politibil".

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Uniform: Securitas Male

The uniform on the left is a standard security uniform during the summer half of the year or security work inside buildings, while the one on the right is used during the winter and at night shifts. These two examples are just a few out of many possible variations.

Securitas is a security group based in Sweden. It was founded in 1934 and went international in 1983. The group has approximately 280,000 employees in 45 countries.

Updated picture, wasn't happy with the previous one. While the shirt looked good in the game, it turned out horrible on the picture.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Symbol: Luftforsvarets Skolesenter Kjevik

This is the military patch for Luftforsvarets Skolesenter Kjevik (Royal Norwegian Air Force School Center), located in Kristiansand, Agder. This base is today used to educate officers and soldiers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Some old history about the airport:
The first flights at Kjevik started in 1937 when Hærens Flyvåben (Norwegian Army Air Service) used the location for operations during a military exercise. There was no runway or anything else that resembled a modern day airport, just an open grass field.
In 1938, the airport started working on its first runway measuring 40 x 1000 meters, and during May 1939 the first traffic started coming to the airport, making Kjevik the second airport officially opened for traffic in Norway (With Sola being the first and Fornebu being the third).
The airport was captured in June 1940 by the Germans who immediately started expanding the airport to the size of 80 x 1500 meters. During June 1945, the airport was recaptured by English and Norwegian forces.
In 1946 Flyvåpenets tekniske skole (Airforce technical school) moved to Kjevik with about 250 solders and instructors from their old base at Kjeller. The ownership of the airport itself was also transferred to the state during 1946. Its runway was yet again changed, to its current size of 40 x 2000 meters.

A special bonus video -
Designing LSK/Kjevik Airbase Symbol: