Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vehicle: Beredskapstroppen Delta: Norwegian Anti-Terror Unit

Created in 1975, and put into active duty in 1976, Delta is the most skilled and best trained law enforcement in Norway. Beredskapstroppen is called in to high risk arrests, hunting after fugitives and other special missions.

Beredskapstroppen are trained in a variety of specialized areas. Whether it is as police tactics, counterterrorism, shooting, emergency medicine, escort and driver training.
While their existence is often obfuscated, they have received more publicity the later years, especially after the NOKAS robbery and their assault on Utøya 22nd of July.
Delta is stationed in Oslo, and travels to other districts to assist the local police when required. Delta is often used to combat criminal gangs to seize weapons and drugs. While they are armed with a wide range of weapons, they very rarely use them in action.

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