Saturday, May 5, 2012

Symbol: Luftforsvarets Skolesenter Kjevik

This is the military patch for Luftforsvarets Skolesenter Kjevik (Royal Norwegian Air Force School Center), located in Kristiansand, Agder. This base is today used to educate officers and soldiers for the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Some old history about the airport:
The first flights at Kjevik started in 1937 when Hærens Flyvåben (Norwegian Army Air Service) used the location for operations during a military exercise. There was no runway or anything else that resembled a modern day airport, just an open grass field.
In 1938, the airport started working on its first runway measuring 40 x 1000 meters, and during May 1939 the first traffic started coming to the airport, making Kjevik the second airport officially opened for traffic in Norway (With Sola being the first and Fornebu being the third).
The airport was captured in June 1940 by the Germans who immediately started expanding the airport to the size of 80 x 1500 meters. During June 1945, the airport was recaptured by English and Norwegian forces.
In 1946 Flyvåpenets tekniske skole (Airforce technical school) moved to Kjevik with about 250 solders and instructors from their old base at Kjeller. The ownership of the airport itself was also transferred to the state during 1946. Its runway was yet again changed, to its current size of 40 x 2000 meters.

A special bonus video -
Designing LSK/Kjevik Airbase Symbol:

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